Tired unhappy traveler

Ah summer.

Time of vacations.

I’m flew back to Paris on the Plains tonight via Southwest.

I began in Orlando.  The flight was delayed, once, twice.

Finally… boarding!

Then, the “fasten seat belt” sign was turned on for a LONG time… well a long time for my bladder.

I waited ever so patiently… heard beeps… then witnessed several of my gender and flight crew march and conquer the potty.

I made my move, excusing myself to the gentlemen that were on the way.

The flight attendant… #Michelleofsouthwest, YELLED at me.  Yes.  She was not happy that my arrival close to the restroom had coincided with another person.  I was “not allowed to stand near the cockpit”.

Glancing towards the back of the aisle, drink service had already ensued.  The aisle was blocked.  I wandered back towards my seat and the gentlemen near me had conveniently turned away.

A woman opposite said – “the sign may be on but you can still go to the bathroom”.  So I lingered on the aisle until I could.

Happily- #RELiEF was soon to be had.

And I returned to my seat.

I wish the story had ended here… but # Michelleofsouthwest decided to not bring me a drink at some point when I visited the necessary.

#Michelleofsouthwest  is that necessary?