All day when I looked at the sky, I thought, “the sky looks onerous”.

But then… I thought, “Can a sky be onerous?”

For the past two days the sky certainly has had a burden to bear.  Lots of rain, winds, and hail.

Or perhaps it’s a reflection of my own mood.  I feel onerous.  The next few weeks are heavy like those clouds, filled up with stuff that makes it full and extremely burdensome.  Additionally… it’s also really important stuff and stuff that cannot be ignored.

However… it’s making me bit … cranky.

Other than sleep, making sure to eat, and giving myself some good alone me time, anyone out there got some good suggestions to get through the rough but busy and necessary times?


Face pain

Interestingly, I believed on some level that I had moved to a location where allergies were not as HORRIFIC as the place that I had currently lived.
It is with regret that I report that this is not the case… at least for me.
Call me a human allergen?
I sniffle.
I am short of breath.
Or more specifically MY CHEEKS hurt.
Does anyone else have this problem?
I am just curious how you deal – other than copious amounts of water and allergy medicine?

It’s all about the timing…

So, the man who’s passion eeeks from his pores has resurfaced.

Unfortunately – I had commented to him prior to insult # 300 (from him) about Merican’s about getting together again.

So, in order to fully understand this post, you need to know the TIMELINE.

So date was on a Thursday.  Said “post” date get together was supposed to be Saturday.

Saturday rolls around, he texts, mentions a nap.  I’m like ok yeah.  In all fairness, since we had experienced good previous date (prior to #2), I was on the fence about hanging out with him.  Maybe he had a bad day (?).

Saturday evening rolls around.  It’s 7:30 and I’m on the couch.  No worry – no time spent primping as I had not heard from this fella.  I’m actually quite comfy, reading, good media streaming, etc.  Evening passes.  No text.

Sunday, no text.


Friday afternoon at 4pm, text!  “That’s it?” he asks.

I respond, ” I suppose so- I never heard back from you last Saturday.  I thought that we were going to get together. ”

His response, “Oh- I thought you were going to text me.  I thought you were upset with me and thought that you were going to contact me.  I was disappointed that you never contacted me this week.  I thought you were going to contact me and you thought I was going to contact you.  Have any plans for the weekend?”

My response, “Yes, I’m busy.”  (Because I have to go home and blog about this!)

Clearly… he’s just not that into me.  However, I will survive, and hold my head up high.

As much as I enjoy this online dating extravaganza, it appears that work will be quite busy for the next month.

Thank God!


Date Number 2

So- a second date with the “pleasant date guy”.

He’s a passionate fellow, from a foreign land.  His passion eeks from his pores and his mouth.  He is very passionate about his homeland and not so passionate about “Mericans”.  I happened to mention to him after a bit, that I was, unfortunately, American – and offended.

This did not dissuade him from asking to come home with me.

Bold?  Passionate?  Opinionated?  Nervous?  Bravado?  It does not matter, it was still annoying.

My account from this particular dating website has been deleted.  I’m looking for suggestions of websites for me where men like to meet women, get to know them, then if a connection is made –  hit the “hay”- and hopefully longer than a night.