You can learn something from every situation…

Such as cooking techniques from an opinionated ex-boyfriend who wasn’t bad in the kitchen.

Apparently helping him move helped to quicken the demise of our relationship.

Fortunately, I also got an espresso machine from it.   I haven’t the slightest idea about how to use it… but I have it.

Any tips?

Is it just me?

I’ve observed over the years a behavior in men.  I’m  not sure if it’s common or not…

So you’re in a place – bar/coffee shop/grocery store – you happen to have a conversation with a guy (and you’re a girl).  It’s casual, it’s friendly, it’s a little more than a “excuse me” “sorry”.

Then… as you depart or it’s time to leave – the male proceeds to spew information about their significant other (wife-fiance-girlfriend-boyfriend).

What is that?  Why is it necessary if the conversation has ended and I haven’t asked for your email-phone number-facebook page-hand in marriage?

Just curious…

Plot twist

My sister texted me today.  She texted me late (around 8 ish) and this is unusual anyway because I usually text her.

Her text regarded an unusual incident of last year.  I had phoned her or my father.  Sadly I do not remember – but what I do remember is that  we are generally not in proximity of one another and on this day and in moments of the phone call we had all spoken.  I – because I had phoned.  They- because they were in proximity.

They had the fortune to sort of “stop in” the same store, at the same hour, on the same day.  One happened to be in that location due to driving and the days events.  Bonne chance… definitely good luck!  Not completely unusual for a man that helped me to win bikes!  (two in one summer, due to raffles that he entered for ME!) or a man that one 4 jackpots in one night due to buying tickets for a potluck.

So – awesome luck!  We all touched base that day due to the events of them meeting and my phone call.  Extremely fortunate for my sister and I also.

One month later exactly, my father passed.  He hadn’t been feeling well, then did!  and dressed for the gym!!!!  Then after not emerging from the bedroom his bride found him on the bed.

After attempts at resuscitation they took him to the hospital, where he was confirmed to be dead.

Odd day for me- away in another location.  I hadn’t been feeling well, had nothing pressing, and came home.  I actually think I scheduled a massage.  I did not feel fine.

Then my brother in law phoned, triggering another phone call, and another, my step-mother is not a technological fan, fortunately her offspring are.

Within an hour the family apart had figured what had transpired.


Not sure what is normal of these stories.

So today, due to my sister, who has a better memory of this incidence than I- I am reminded of this event.

She had a harsh and off day due to the remembrance of this event.  This is just one of the reasons I wish I were physically closer to her.  I wish I could comfort her as I know that it is a difficult time/event/person to comfort under the circumstances.  Love her without reason or doubt.

What good fortune that I phoned that day.  We all had a pleasant visit before.

He was our rock, our back, our brain trust.  Don’t misunderstand, he was also impulsive, emotional, and self-centered.  But that did not matter.  We. Were. Important. To. Him.

It reminds me of the impact that an individual can make on a life- regardless of their imperfections that may be pointed out by others.

Have your eyes open.  Have your heart open.  Be careful.


Now that I have no ones attention

I have to report that the summer continues to blaze along at the most amazingly rapid pace as it does.

Summer, when you think about it, is surprisingly short, but so wonderfully delightful season!  June, July, and August- wonderful hot months with long days and shorter nights.

This is the first summer since I have been in school that I have regretted the amount of work that I have to accomplish it and the time line that I have set out for myself to do it.

I am glad that I carved out time to enjoy my family and friends.  Thank you all for making it even more difficult to get any work accomplished!



Tired unhappy traveler

Ah summer.

Time of vacations.

I’m flew back to Paris on the Plains tonight via Southwest.

I began in Orlando.  The flight was delayed, once, twice.

Finally… boarding!

Then, the “fasten seat belt” sign was turned on for a LONG time… well a long time for my bladder.

I waited ever so patiently… heard beeps… then witnessed several of my gender and flight crew march and conquer the potty.

I made my move, excusing myself to the gentlemen that were on the way.

The flight attendant… #Michelleofsouthwest, YELLED at me.  Yes.  She was not happy that my arrival close to the restroom had coincided with another person.  I was “not allowed to stand near the cockpit”.

Glancing towards the back of the aisle, drink service had already ensued.  The aisle was blocked.  I wandered back towards my seat and the gentlemen near me had conveniently turned away.

A woman opposite said – “the sign may be on but you can still go to the bathroom”.  So I lingered on the aisle until I could.

Happily- #RELiEF was soon to be had.

And I returned to my seat.

I wish the story had ended here… but # Michelleofsouthwest decided to not bring me a drink at some point when I visited the necessary.

#Michelleofsouthwest  is that necessary?



Making a fool…

So, unfortunately I am in the place of the “in-between” in relationships. You know- the time when you have left your last crazy significant and entered into the land of no love interest.

It’s such a special time, a time when you get to reflect on all of your dating errors, those interesting choices that you made.  And best of all, the time to obsess about the “great white buffalo”.  You know… the ones that got away.

In order to not give energy to the last person I broke up with, I’ve been obsessing over the “great white buffalo”. Wow… while I would not refer to him as a buffalo, it is difficult to describe the emotionality of him.  In some realm of my brain instead of thinking about the last relationship and giving it energy, thinking that perhaps by giving it energy it might revive it’s dramatic, roller coaster like flair; that I would give energy to a sexually dynamic relationship that I had over a year ago with a different, dramatic, emotionally unavailable man. (Yes perhaps an avoidance of one bad relationship for another?)

So, what’s great about the old relationship is that HE really loves the attention.  And I really enjoyed the sex… and before the sex began we had great repartee.  However… what began as playful over time became veiled and unhappy comments regarding our relationships or mutual distrust of one another.

That is what is so unfortunate about MY brain.  My memory of him begins with the great sex, great repartee, and then it takes this pause (yes probably for dramatic effect or just in order to remember the good bits).

He’s good though at getting me to remember though.  Not even 24 hours. (For the bad bits of “us”.) I make a fool of myself.  He becomes an ass and reminds me that he is really not a nice person.  And again, I still make a fool of myself.    We really have an unfortunate, toxic impact on one another.

Did I mention I make an ASS of myself?

Have you had this?  I’d like to say he’s my first, but he is not the first man that has made me an emotional, obstinate, immature little girl.

A wise man, my father, told me to avoid these types of relationships in my life.  That these butterfly, irrational emotions are not what love is about, not real love.

Interestingly, he was not incredibly successful at taking his own advice, which might be why it is difficult for me to curtail these relationships efficiently- or for the love of whatever- become involved with a stable being who I have some passion toward.  No, this last bit has eluded me.

I am not just looking for a “nice man”.  I am also looking for an intelligent man.  A man with wit.  A man with some experience.  A man not afraid to jump out front and take the lead.  But a man still concerned with my tastes and preferences.  A man open to experiences and people.

So – I’d love to give you some take home advice.  Perhaps learn from my experience and just RUN when you feel that unsettled, excited feeling in your belly when you meet someone.  It means RUN or perhaps your last meal was spoilt.

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Back from vacation – and it was ALL I ever wanted… however, I did want it to last just a few more days… well actually… weeks perhaps would have been better!

I arrived back and jumped back into my rigorous schedule.  Yippeee (fake it until you make it).

It’s been raining today, making being INSIDE easier.

However, the rain did not make the drive home easier.  Note to self: NEVER drive near or around the plaza at rush hour when it is raining.